Does blue star ointment burn

Updated: 6/28/2022
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Yes, it burns like crazy if you put too much on. Not so bad if you put a little on. But if you put too much, be advised the burning sensation is intense. It will only last for about 5~7 min and begin to cool down and feel like a dull warming sensation.Also If you add Vaseline it will no burn if you have sensitive skin.

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heck yes!! if you put more than a tiny bit on anything it burns like crazyy. be advised, only use a little bit.

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Q: Does blue star ointment burn
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will blue star ointment help dry out blisters

Where do you find blue star ointment?

Blue Star Ointment is used for jock itch, ringworm and other skin conditions. See related link for product

Can you use sterriod cream on ringworm?

Blue star Ointment that's what I use

Where can you buy Kip burn ointment?

my question is, where can I buy Kip burn ointment now?

Can you use blue star ointment on a star?

100% absolutely I have used it before several times on fever blisters and it helps immensely.

Does blue star ointment cure ringworm?

According to the Blue Star Ointment website it does. I have tried everything and finally came across Blue Star Ointment and it is going away!! I had one on my hand I was so embarrased of it, but now it's hardly visible. You have to use it consistently everyday two to three times a day apply it.

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Kip brand burn ointment is no longer being made. There is a good substitute on the market, though. WJ is a brand of burn ointment that is very similar to Kip and is manufactured by Water-Jel Technologies in Carlstadt, New Jersey.

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