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I have been doing some reading on this subject and have determined that it is possible for a change in temperature may cause some people to sneeze, but I have yet to encounter the reason why. Hopefully someone can help.

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yes i have a cold right now and i sneezing like crazy almost everyone sneezes, and has watery eyes during a cold. also you can sneeze around spring cuz of the pollen. i did my own experiment and i went to a local park and counted all the people who sneezed and asked when they usually have sneezing fits the results were more than half of then said May some said April and some said june. so anyway people sneeze when they have a cold. My daughter give my the cold and she sneezed every five mineuts. her brother had a cold before her but did not sneeze as much so i guess it all depends on how bad your cold is.

ps does eny one know how long colds usually last?

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I sneeze a lot, ESPECIALLY when I'm cold! Well, I wouldn't say when I'm cold...when the weather is consistently cold, no sneeze but if it's warm and all of a sudden a cold breeze comes along, I begin to sneeze.

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If you are sneezing, have a runny nose and feel ill, especially with fevers or chills, then you most likely have a cold. You can also sneeze from Allergies (often associated with itching) and from general irritation of the nose.

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Q: Does being cold make you sneeze?
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Why do you sneeze when having cold?

Because germs cause pain in your breathing passages and do not let you breathe, so you sneeze to make them go away.

How do you use the word sneeze in a sentence?

He had started to sneeze as his cold got worse.

How can tomato ketchup make you sneeze?

It can make you sneeze if your allergic to tomato ketchup.

Why doesn't salt make you sneeze?

Salt doesn't make you sneeze because, well basicly its salt. but pepper does make you sneeze. hope this helps:)

Is a cold really contagious?

yes if they cough or sneeze on you

What sickness do you have if you cough sneeze and have a runny nose?

a cold.

Can air conditioning cause a cat to sneeze?

No. Dust, allergies, or a cold can cause a cat to sneeze, just like humans.

Do cheetahs sneeze?

yes when something gets into there nose or if they are cold

Why would you sneeze more often at work?

you probably have a cold.

Why do you get a cold?

The common cold is a virus. When you are exposed to the virus you get sick. If you are sick with a cold make sure to wash your hands frequently, don't cough or sneeze into your hands, and don't share drinks and food with other people.

When you sneeze that means someone is talking about you but are they talking good or bad about you?

In China, Vietnam and Japan, for instance, there is a superstition that if talking behind someone's back causes the person being talked about to sneeze; as such, the sneezer can tell if something good is being said (one sneeze), something bad is being said (two sneezes in a row), even if someone is in love with them (three sneezes in a row) or if this is a sign that they are about to catch a cold (multiple sneezes).

What would make you sneeze often during the day?

i would sneeze my.........