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Q: Does b12 shots make your urine smell?
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Will medicare pay for Vitamin B12 shots I have a severe deficiency and dr. ordered these shots.?

No because they do not recognize the benefits of the Vitamin B12 shots.

Do you have to store b 12 shots in the refrigerator?

No, you don't have to store B12 shots in the refrigerator. Besides, vitamin B12 shots should not be exposed to extreme temperatures and are best stored in a cool, dry place.

Do b12 shots need to be refrigerated?

stated in PDR not to refridgerate B12 injections, but does not give reason

Can you use B12 shots to enhance the size of your buttocks?

No. Vitamin B12 injections will not accomplish this result.

Why did Justin Bieber get a B12 shot?

B12 shots, give you energy. probably because he has to be pumped for concerts.

Does cyanocobalamin make urine bright yellow?

Both cyanocobalamin (a form of vitamin B12) and vitamin B2 can cause bright yellow urine.

How do you mask dillution in a piss test?

Take a lot of vitamin B12... B12 will make urine have a more darker, yellower hue. However be careful as B12 also increases your metabolism possibly to dangerous levels.

Can four B12 injection make your menstrual cycle late?

Four B12 shots usually will not cause your menstrual cycle to be late. Your cycle can be late if your body is low in vitamin B12. You should talk with your doctor and ask him why your menstrual cycle would be late

What is the difference between taking B12 pills and getting a B12 shot once a month?

Shots are more effective at delivering Vitamin B12. With pills the dosage needs to be higher.

What kind of doctor does b12 shots?

Many types of health care professionals order B12 injections. Start with your primary care provider.

Do you need to get shots to be a vegetarian?

Not usually. Shots are only given to those people who become very deficient in certain nutrients (usually protein, B6, and / or B12).

Is Gatorade made with urine?

Water, Cranberry juice, and Green tea can dilute urine. If you are taking a drug test or any test of some source to make urine more yellow take Vitamin B12 (it will make your pee bright yellow due to all the liquid you have consumed).