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YES! - However, the choices now are limited to 'Salon' perms some of which you can get in the local beauty supplies. Links to a couple of 'Brands' are below. But remember, a No-Ammonia perm may not give the Firm, Long-Lasting Curls of the 'Ammonia' type. Also , if its an allergy issue, this may not solve the problem as it is the 'Active Ingredients' of the perm that causes most Allergies. (The Ammonia is a pH adjuster / activator) Keep in mind that you will need End Papers, A Spray Bottle (To keep hair moist during wrapping) A 'Tail' Comb for parting, Clips to hold sectioned hair, Perm Rods, Cotton Coil to place around hair line to catch drips, A cape or old towels to protect clothing, and a good shampoo and conditioner.


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Q: Does anyone make an ammonia free perm?
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Would I be safe to give myself a perm on fri pm if I dyed my hair real early last sun am I have the low-ammonia texturizing one n only perm?

Im not quite sure about non professional products but if you are doing a home perm your color is going to fade. If you are wanting both services you should perm first then color.

How long does a perm stay in?

A perm is permanent. It doesn't matter about the straightness of your hair. A perm breaks down the bonds in the hair that make it straight. The perm will last until your hair grows out.

How do you do a directional wind perm?

Directional Wind - This perm is done by placing the perm rods in the direction of where the client will wear their hair. This is to create a perm with a parting and to make it easier to wear for the client.

Can you get a perm after having a chemical straightener?

You can, but you'll have to wait a month or two for the chemical straightening to wear off. After that, feel free to perm away.

Would perm make your hair go longer?

Perm or not it depends on how well you take care of your hair.

How do you make your hair perminantly curly?

get a perm

How can you make your hair stay curly?

Get a perm.

Is a perm worth getting?

yes! just make sure you have a picture with you of how big you want the curls, and after the perm, use about twice as much conditioner as you did before you got the perm.

Which curling iron will make my hair look like I just had a perm?

Use sponge curlers to make my hair look like you just had a perm.

If you water your hair after you get a perm will it make your hair look greasy?

Nope, but it will take the curls out of your hair and ruin your perm.

How can you make your hair curly?

A curling iron, or with a perm

How can you make curly hair stay curly?

Get a perm.