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There are numerous books with NCLEX sample questions. I believe it is illegal to discuss particular questions after taking the examination. I would recommend looking into a book or internet (Kaplan is popular) and studying from there.

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Q: Does anyone have nclex exam testing questions?
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How long after graduating nursing school does it take to take the NCLEX?

You can take the NCLEX as soon as you can get a seat in a testing center. Some schools require you to pass an exam before they will allow you to take the exam but most schools allow you to take it right away.

What is nclex exam?

The NCLEX Exam is the professional licensing exam for nurses (RN or PN). It's like the Bar Exam that Lawyers must pass.

About the NCLEX?

If you want to become a licensed nurse, you must take the NCLEX, which stands for Nurse Council Licensure Examination. Currently, there are two versions of the NCLEX: the NCLEX-PN and the NCLEX-RN. NCSBN (National Council of State Boards of Nursing), which is a non-profit corporation, created and currently administers the official NCLEX tests.Registered nurses are required to pass the NCLEX-RN, while vocational or practical nurses must pass the NCLEX-PN. The purpose of this exam is to gauge the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are related to the practice of nursing of the students.NCSBN designed the NCLEX to see whether students could taking critically, so this test is not based on the memorization of facts. Currently, the NCLEX is heavily testing students on their infection control skills and if they are capable of prioritizing and delegating.As of 2010, the NCLEX is focusing a lot on prioritization as well as infection control. The test has questions that are based on memorization, application, analysis, and knowledge, so you must really know the material to pass this exam. Most of the exam compromises of multiple choice questions. However, some questions may require you to mathematically calculate the answer, fill in the blank, or arrange a few steps in order.Benefits of the NCLEXObviously, the main advantage of NCLEX is nurse certification. If you don't pass the test, you won't be able to become certified. By doing well on the NCLEX, you'll have a better chance of getting a good nursing position that pays well, even if you don't have much experience as a nurse.The NCLEX takes five to six hours, depending on whether you're taking the PN or RN. After two weeks to a month, you will receive your results in the mail. You will only receive your score if you passed the NCLEX, but if you failed the NCLEX, you will receive a detailed results sheet.If you failed the NCLEX, you'll probably want to take it again in the future. Before you can apply to take the NCLEX again, you must wait three months. To register for the NCLEX, you must pay $200, and $150 for the Additional International Scheduling Fee. As you can see, you should vouch to take the NCLEX as little times as possible due to the cost.Check out if you want to learn more about the NCLEX exam. There, you can also register for testing to become a licensed nurse.


The NCLEX Test or National Council Licensure EXamination is an exam that is required in order to earn Registered Nurse or Practical Nurse licensure in the United States. The NCLEX test is designed to ensure that a nursing school graduate is able to use the knowledge, skills and abilities that are essential to practicing nursing safely and effectively. A student is not able to pass the NCLEX simply by memorizing concepts, but instead needs to understand the concept behind critical thinking. Therefore, it is a very important that nursing students pay close attention during their clinical rotations since it will really pay off later when it is time to take the NCLEX test. Those who wish to take the NCLEX test do so in a controlled environment. They will be required to take the exam at a designated testing center and will be required to present an Authorization to Test Form and a valid photo ID upon arrival. Next, they will be required to place and personal belonging such as cell phones and backpacks inside of a locker. The test is presented in a computerized adaptive testing format and must be completed within six hours. Most of the questions on the exam are multiple choice, however, there will be some questions that require labeling anatomy or calculating answers for mathematical questions. Since the test uses the computerized adaptive testing format, it tailors the exam to each students ability level. This means that some people may have to answer sixty questions on the exam, while others may have to answer two hundred or more. The exam content of the NCLEX can vary and is subject to change each year, however the exam usually contains questions regarding subjects such as management of care, safety and infection control and basic care and comfort. After the examinee finishes the test, he or she can view the results of their examination within forty eight hours by logging on to the Pearson Vue website or by phone. If the examinee has failed the NCLEX, he or she is eligible to retest after forty five days. Finally, the results of the exam are sent to the state Nursing Board within five days of becoming available. Those who have passed are then able to legally practice nursing as an RN or LPN in their state.

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I took the nclex exam ond my questions stop at 205 what does that mean?

i had 205 and passed, so the numbers really dont allways matter..... good luck

Programs that Can Help You Pass the NCLEX?

Finishing nursing school is a huge accomplishment. However, to officially become an RN or LPN, you must overcome one more obstacle--the NCLEX exam. This exam will review all of the important information you have learned throughout nursing school. Since the NCLEX covers a large amount of information, it is important to prepare yourself to take the exam.How to Prepare for and Pass the NCLEX ExamThere are hundreds of programs designed to help students pass the NCLEX exam. To find a beneficial preparation course, ask your professors and fellow nurses for suggestions. One of the best ways to find a great NCLEX prep course is to ask a nurse who has already passed the exam. If you are unable to get suggestions from your peers, look into the Excel examination course. This is the only preparatory program approved by the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA). Excel is offered at many colleges and universities throughout the United States.While Excel is endorsed by NSNA, it is certainly not the only NCLEX preparatory program. Courses are offered online and on-location at many different colleges and education centers. While choosing a prep course, look for one that offers both study materials and practice tests. During the NCLEX exam, you will be asked to answer between 75 and 265 questions. Completing practice exams will give you an idea of what questions will be asked on the NCLEX exam and how these questions will be worded.When to Begin Preparing for the NCLEX ExamWhen you can take the NCLEX exam will depend on the rules in your state. Most states require that nursing students wait at least 45 days before taking the exam. However, students should start studying much sooner. For the best results, students should begin studying before or immediately after graduation. While some of the material will be fresh in your mind, subjects that you covered several years ago might be more difficult to remember. For many, studying early and taking the test soon after graduation is the key to passing the NCLEX exam.

i have a associetes degree can i do a nclex exame?

Yes, you can take a nclex exam with an associates degree, if it is in nursing. Because it is the licensing test for nursing.

If I take the NCLEX exam in or for New York state does this mean I am eligible to practice nursing in other states as well?

Yes, the NCLEX is a national licensure exam applying to all 50 states.

You failed the nclex exam for the first time held in Hongkong last August 2005 Do you need to fill up the re-application form or get another nclex form for your second nclex exam?

Of course you have to fill up the re-application form. You can download it from the website of the state you applied in. For more info about NCLEX go to

Can California nclex passer work in NJ?

Yes, the NCLEX is a national exam. If you plan on living in NJ long term, you must register with the NJ State Board on Nursing.

What does NCLEX means?

NCLEX is the acronym for National Council Licensure Examination. It is the exam given to nurses in the United States in order to obtain their nursing license after graduating grad school.