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Lucy ;) x

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Q: Does andy goldsworthy love tina fiske?
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Is Andy goldsworthy still living?

Yes, according to Wikipedia he is 55 years old and living with his partner, Tina Fiske.

How many children does Andy Goldsworthy have?

Andy Goldsworthy had four children, James, Holly, Anna and Thomas, with his wife, sculptor Judith Gregson. The couple later divorced, and Gregson was killed in an auto accident in December 2008. Goldsworthy currently lives with a former assistant, Tina Fiske.

Where did Goldsworthy meet his wife?

Andy Goldsworthy married sculptor Judith Gregson in 1982. The couple had four children, but later divorced. Gregson was killed in an car accident in December 2008. Goldsworthy currently lives with a former assistant, Tina Fiske. Goldsworthy is now currently married to Tina Fiske.

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