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Does alpha seltzer

Help with suffering burps

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Q: Does alka seltzer help for getting rid of rotten egg smelling burps?
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Related questions

Is having rotten egg smelling burps dangerous at any point?

In most cases, having rotten egg burgs is not dangerous. However, there is a rare chance it could be something serious. Only a doctor can determine the cause of the burps.

What is a remedy for rotten egg smelling burps?

In order from best to okayest, its mouthwash, breath mint, brushing your teeth with tootshpaste

How can you get rid of rotten egg burps?

i dont know if it will work for you but it works for me. if you can, dont let them out and when you feel bloated drink alka seltzer and vomit it all out... :)

Why do my burps smell like rotten eggs?

Sometimes burps may smell like rotten eggs if you have a sour stomach,

How do you get rid of rotten egg burps?

I've had "rotten egg" burps a lot, I found out the best thing to do when you get them is to drink plenty of water.

Why do your burps taste like rotten eggs?

....they don't...?

Why do you get those rotten egg burps?

You've been eating rotten eggs, probably.

What causes burps that have a rotten egg taste?

Sulfur-smelling burps indicate improper digestion in the stomach. The gastric juices may not be working effectively, which may be due to certain food combinations or allergies. Another possible reason would be that the food consumed is not sanitary.

What causes rotten egg burps with watery diarrhea?

I have watery black diarrhea , egg burps, and tummy rumbles. What causes this to happen?

Does jusstin bieber burp in public?

Yes, he burps very loud, and they smell like rotten eggs people say. He has sulfur burps, believe it or not.

What can you do to help nasty smelling burps go away?

shut up and find out your self

Will my rotten egg burps be gone in the morning if i have them in the tonight?

Yeah if you brush your teeth fool!

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