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Q: Does a woman's bum hole smell different to a mans?
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Is charley a mans or womans name?

it is a boy and girls name

When a egg is fertilized with a mans sperm in a test tube and then inserted in yet a different woman's uteru's who's DNA will the fetus have?

The womans DNA that the egg came from and the mans DNA that the sperm came from.

What is the Biathlon gland?

a gland in a mans dick that pleasures a womans vagina

Will a womans dilute a mans urine?

Will a woman's what dilute a mans urine?A woman's urine?Not really, they are essentially the same aside from a slight variance in hormones.

What the Different between woman hand man hand?

Is it that a mans ring finger is longer than his index finger and a womans index finger is longer than her ring finger?

Do you need a boy to have a baby?

Yes because to have a baby the mans penis has to go through the womans vegina

How do diets change with gender?

a mans glucose glands burn off fat a lot faster than a womans

Is a mans ring size the same as womens ring size?

Yes, mens sizes and womans size are the same.

Why does the smell of a mans feet seem arousing to me?

they do not dry their feet

Can Christine be pronounced Christian in any language?

Christine is a womans name Christian is a mans name The two do not sound the same.

How long is a mans' spinal cord and a womans'?

The spinal cord is approximately 43cm long in women, and about 2cm longer in men.

Who argued that a womans mind is as good as a mans?

A women named that really cared for the women and for their freedom and that way they can be treated equally not differently