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Describe the tone? And what he said?

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Q: Does a tone in a boys voice mean he is flirting?
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When does a guys voice change?

A boys voice changes during Puberty. It generally gets lower in tone.

What is tone in a sentence?

There was a very mean tone in his voice when he spoke.

What does ah bon mean in french?

"ah bon" can mean different things depending on context or the tone of voice in which it is said. "Ah bon?" in a surprised tone of voice means "Really?" "Ah bon." in a regular tone of voice mean "allright", or "ok" "ah bon..." in a resigned tone of voice means "whatever", or "if you say so..."

What does pale voice mean?

it means there not saying any thing in a tone of voice.

What does tov mean is text talk?

tone of voice

How do you say voice tone or tone of voice?

I'm sure that I like your tone of voice. Don't take that tone of voice with me! Your tone of voice belies the sincerity of your statement.

If a girl is messing with you and pushing shoving softly does that mean she is flirting?

It could be construed as such. However it could be a genuine expression of dislike. Generally, chiding comments will be accompanied by smiling or laughter and only light pushing if it is flirting while outright hostility, angered expression, tone of voice and the severity of physical force applied will mean genuine anger.

What does tone mean in drama?

tone means high pitch or low pitch voice. or changing a voice 2 express emotions!:D

What does intonation mean in drama?

Rise on the tone of your voice By ROkii

What does it mean if someone say hey your name in a cute voice?

It could suggest that the person finds you endearing or attractive, or they are trying to convey a warm and friendly tone to grab your attention in a playful manner.

How do you tell the difference between flirting or just to be used for their entertainment?

Entertainment is more giggly and joking. If you are in a boring setting and you think they're flirting, it is probably just for entertainment. But real flirting they match the volume, speed, and tone of your voice, seem genuinely interested in what you are talking about. and look into your eyes.

What dose tone mean?

In writing, tone refers to the author's attitude toward the subject and audience. It is conveyed through word choice, sentence structure, and overall style, shaping the reader's perception of the text. Tone can be formal, informal, playful, serious, or any other emotion or attitude the writer wants to express.