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  • It heals faster when you leave it alone. The air helps to heal it and it can work faster when its not so moist.
  • The American College of Emergency Physicians now recommends that you keep the scrape covered and moist, to encourage new cell growth and a speedy recovery.
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Q: Does a skinned knee heal faster when its covered with a bandage or left alone?
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Which skinned knee will heal faster with it covered with a bandage or left alone?

a skinned knee that is not covered with a bandage willl heal faster. If uncovered the wound will form a scab faster. You should cover the scrape initially, then allow the wound to "breath" for a period of time. If pain subsides when the wound is covered, then at least uncover the wound while you sleep. If you leave a single bandage on for a long period of time without removing it, the bandage could scab to your scrape. As the blood dries it will hold to the bandage, and it is very painful to remove it. My advice is to cover the wound when needed, but leave it uncovered whenever possible.

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