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depends on their qualifications

some do some don't

ours doesn't she deals with the fainters even though she is qualified

most get nurses to come in from outside

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Q: Does a school nurse give injection?
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Can you give me a sentence using the word disinfectant?

The nurse applied disinfectant to the patient's arm before given him the injection.

What professions are licensed to give injections?

IN ORDER TO give someone an injection, you must be a doctor, nurse practioner (R.N. with further education), an LPN (licenced practical nurse), or an R.N. (registered nurse). If you are a child or an adult with a particular need for injections (diabetes, cancer etc.) a nurse can instruct you how, and you can give them to yourself. ALSO, trained medical personnel, like an EMT in an ambulance can give injections and start I.V.'s.

When administering an intradermal injection the nurse should know it has been administered correctly when?

A bleb appears at the injection site

When giving a subcutaneous injection to an obese patient the nurse should give the injection at what angle?

A 90 degree angle is recommended but for obese patient the critical factor is for the Sc to be administered ti the fatty tissue and not the muscle of just under the epidermis.

How do you be a professionsl nurse?

You go to school and get a degree and go to nurse school

When was NASN School Nurse created?

NASN School Nurse was created in 2001.

When using antibiotic iv at home what is the supply you are prescribed?

A homehealth nurse will still give the medication. She need to have an IV needle,saline solution, syringe , plaster and injection site adapter.

Whats more competitive Pharmacy school or Nurse Anesthetist school?

nurse anesthesia school definitely

Is it okay to get vacinations after having a fever?

Ask the doctor or nurse before having the injection.

How do you give ATS injection?

for tetanus

What does a school nurse get paid?

In the United States Of America the yearly pay for a school nurse is: $47.491.

How is the word patients used in a sentence?

While the Nurse was comforting the patients the doctor gave them an injection.