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Yes! When i put it on my left arm or left shoulder, the left arm hurts, and vice versa with the right. It is exacerbated if I lie down on the side of my body with the patch on it. I have noticed a lot of people saying this in forums, but nobody knows why. I imagine if it were harmful, there would be something in the patch literature about it, but I think its just a response to having nicotine pumped into your blood. On the plus side, after the hurting ceases (usually within 1-2 minutes) I feel a very calming nicotine rush :)

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Q: Does a nicotine patch make your arm hurt?
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Is a sore arm where a nicotine patch was, dangerous?

The packaging recommends that you not place the patch in the same place each time. Switch arms and locations with each new patch. It should specify what body parts are acceptable.

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You can, but should not. It is advised by the manufacturers of all nicotine replacement patches that the patch be applied to the upper body.Actually, the manufacturers do allow you to use it on your lower body. From NicoDermCQ's FAQ:Does the patch need to be placed on my arm?No, NicoDerm CQ can be placed anywhere on the body that is clean and dry at the time of application. Feel free to place the patch on a non-hairy area, such as your thigh, stomach, back, wherever you prefer. The only places we would suggest that you avoid are your joints (ankles, knees, elbows, etc.) since the constant movement of these areas would make it difficult for the patch to stick.

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