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Not neccessarily, it probably means nothing.

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Q: Does a guy like you if he wears the same colors as you?
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Why do Guy and Rock Lee dress the same?

Because Lee so looks up to Gai that he wants to be just like him, and wears the training suit he was given.

Who is evilmau5?

Go to Wikipedia and type in "deadmau5". It's the same guy except for concerts he wears the evilmau5 head.

What Bill Nye wears?

It always seems that Bill always wears a lab coat and the same bow tie. maybe he has many lab coats.

What wrist does a guy that is not gay wear a bracelet?

The same wrist that a guy that is gay wears it.But if you follow that urban myth then heterosexuals wear bracelets on their right wrists.

Is it gay if a guy wears circle lens?

No. Gay only refers to same-sex attraction. Not to things people wear.

Is it weird to tell a guy you like his cologne He wears it a lot but i love it?

In my opinion, no. I would do it too. I would be like "omg you smell good!"

My BFF and I like the same guy does the guy like me?

Ask him girlyyy!!! If he doesn't move on.

What should you do if you and your friend like the same guy and the guy you both like likes you?

Date him.

What do you call a guy who likes punk rock and metal wears a lot of black and wears a goth cross?

you call him a guy who likes punk rock and metal wears alot of black and wears a goth cross At least until you learn him name

Which children's book character wears a waistcoat?

In Tomas the train the guy who owns the station wears one

Which guy should i like?

You should like the guy who suites you better and likes most of the same things you do. The guy who will like you for you and wouldn't want you to change.

Can you get a guy to like you If so how?

I'm a guy and I say that you should talk to this guy, figure out what he likes and then show him that you like/can like the same things too.