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if he really likes you yes but they dont have to P.S. if they dont like you they wont

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Q: Does a guy always have to call to show that he is into you?
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When should you call a guy?


What does it mean when a guy always asks you to call him?

they like you

Who is the guy always doing the robot on Dave Chappelle's show?

Karl Lake.

Should the guy call the girl more?

if you call her more, she might get the hint that you like her...if you do and you want to indirectly show it...then do it!

How do you know if a guy likes you even if he sometimes doesn't show it?

If the guy almost always wants to talk to you or be with you, he probably likes you.

Your best guy friend always stands close to you when you show him something or when you call him over does he like you?

It either means that he feels comfortable around you, he doesn't know that e is doing it, or he likes you. (he probably likes you)

What do you do if you love a guy?

If you love a guy always try your best to show him that you love and care about him because just saying i love you isnt enough

On the show Death Note what is the name of the guy that is always sitting on his feet and holds things weirdly?


Does a boy like you if he calls you a freak but doesnt call anyone else a freak?

Not really, a guy has to at least treat you right. A guy also has to show respect.

Why don't guys show there jealous?

Many guys do show that their jealous you just have to watch them. If they are jealous they will always compare themsleves to the guy that they know you like.

What does it mean if a guy and girl went on one date they both had a good time The guy always call the girl and she answers but she never calls him?

Means she feels that it is up to the boy to call. Why should she call you? If you are interested you'll keep calling, and maybe after a time she will call you when she knows you are "true."

If your dating a guy that always end's his call with his ex wife I love you is this appropriate?

Ugh no I don't think so