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Of course silly!

A girl does not take her time to prepare you a meal and spend some quality time with you unless she likes you.

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Q: Does a girl like you when she invites you over to her place and cooks dinner for you?
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What to do if a girl invites you over her place for dinner?

if ur a girl, be urself. if ur a boy, get dressed, comb ur hair, shower, buy flowers and be nice

A girl asked you for drinks and dinner at her place after few days working together what that mean?

If a girl asked you for drinks and dinner at her place than, that is pretty simple, she likes you yes that is really possible. Now rest is up to you...............

Whats the best place to take a girl on a date?

The best place is a candle light dinner or hotel taj................

What does ig mean if a girl who says that she doesn't want you to be her boy friend invites you for dinner after a week?

it simply means that she enjoys your company. and maybe if u 2 are friend for a while she may develop feelings for you.

What do you wear to a dinner date at your boyfriend's place?

Depends are you a boy or a girl ;)

What does it mean if a girl invites you to her place all the time?

She wants to get it on! If your lucky she may have a girlfriend over! WARNING: this may not always be the case so avoid contact until making sure

What does it mean when a girl likes you and invites you out but doesn't call to confirm?

Maybe she is waiting for you to call her.

What does it mean when a girl invites you to play soccer and cricket in the park?

She wants to spend time with you.

What does it mean if a girl invites you to her workplace?

It could be sometimes personal or not,just to meet you or introduce you or befriend you

What type of ways can you turn a girl on?

Find the right place and time such as after a dinner at a fancy restaurant don't push her go at her pace and be a gentleman

How do you prepose to girl?

what a girl would like the most if if you guys were going out for dinner, then you hide the engagement ring in her glass (call the place before you get there so they can put it in) then when she gets it out from the drink you can say "[name] will you marry me?" (:

What is the responsibility of the boy who invites the girl on a date?

He should pay for the movie, food ect. Let you pick the movie.