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Psychologists have clients.

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Q: Does a Psychologist have patients or clients?
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Can a histrionic and narcissistic become a psychologist if she is studying psychology as an undergraduate and how harmful it could be to her patients know such a girl who took psychology?

*i know such a girl who took psychology. ..(i wonder how damaging or how bad an influence her personality could be to her patients and clients?)

Can a psychologist prescirbe medications for patients?

No, Only a Psychiatrist

What are patients and clients?

patients are individuals who are injured or in pain who need treatment by a physician. Clients are people who use the services of a professional service or company.

What are the responsibilities of a psychologist?

Psychologist not only help patients with mental instability, but also anger management problems, etc.

Which allows psychologist and pyschiatrists to diagnose mental disorder in patients?


What industry has receptionists?

Any that has visitors, patients, or clients to greet.

Can a psychologist counsel suicidal patients?

Why not? They have a profound background as to why people behave the way they do.

Salary for counseling psychologist?

A psychologist can make anywhere from 80,000 to 110,000. This salary depends upon amount of clients and whether you work in private practice or a clinic.

What are the skills of a psychologist?

Empathy, with good listening skills, along with the ability to properly diagnose, treat (and refer) clients, make for a very good therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist.

How would a psychologist use math?

A psychologist would sometimes have to use statistics to understand studies. Also, they would most likely have to know how much to charge their clients.

What would one do in an assistant psychologist job?

An assistant psychologist can test and evaluate patients under the supervision of a licensed psychologist. They may also be in charge of some clerical work such as typing out reports and scoring exams.

Challenges faced by clinical psychologist?

Challenges that are faced by a clinical psychologist might include an erratic work schedule and difficulties with managing employees as well as patients. You might also have a tough time building relationships with doctors who will refer patients to your practice.

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