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NO!! I have bigger boobs than her!!

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Q: Does Vanessa Hudgens have big breasts?
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Has vanessa hudgens got big breasts?

yes, very big ones. is it really big?

What is Vanessa Hudgens's middle name?

Anne Her real name is Vanessa Anne Hudgens born on the 14th of december 1988!

What is Vanessa Hudgens second name?

Vanessa Hudgens' full name is Vanessa Anne Hudgens.

Vanessa Hudgens favorite saying is?

Her favourite saying is "Stella Hudgens is a big fat lozer cow"

How does Vanessa Hudgens spell her name?

Vanessa Hudgens

Does Vanessa Hudgens like Mario Lopez?

No Vanessa Hudgens really likes Zac Efron not Mario Lopez that was just a big nasty rumor from gossipers!

Does Stella hudgens live with Vanessa Hudgens?

Stella hudgens is vanessa hudgens sister she looks abitt like vanessa

All about Vanessa Hudgens?

Vanessa hudgens rocks you go vanessa hudgens from Ramneek Australia Vic Melbourne

Who played tintin?

vanessa anne hudgens does vanessa anne hudgens does vanessa anne hudgens does vanessa anne hudgens does

What is the name of the father of Vanessa Hudgens?

Vanessa Hudgens father's name is: Greg Hudgens.

Where is Vanessa Hudgens' dad?

Vanessa Hudgens' father, Greg Hudgens, is presumably at home enjoying his retirement with his wife Gina, Vanessa Hudgens' mother.

Is Vanessa Hudgens American?

Yes Vanessa Hudgens is American.