Does Tums contain potassium

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Tums contain a small amount potassium in the form of potassium sorbate. However, they are very high in calcium, which is their main ingredient.
Tums does not seem to contain any amount of potassium wortht mentioning on the label.

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Q: Does Tums contain potassium
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Does Tums contain magnesium trisilicate?

No, Tums does not contain magnesium trisilicate. Tums uses calcium carbonate as its active ingredient to help neutralize stomach acid and relieve heartburn and indigestion.

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A typical sugar cube weighing about 2.3g typically contains around 2.3g of sucrose. Tums do not contain sucrose as an active ingredient, but may contain other sugar substitutes in smaller amounts for flavoring.

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