Does Tom love Polly more

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No. That is impossible. No one can love someone as much as Polly loves Tom.

I hope he is smiling now :)

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Q: Does Tom love Polly more
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What is the name of Tom's aunt?

Tom Sawyer's aunt was Aunt Polly.

How was tom and aunt polly kin?

aunt polly is tom sawyers aunt. tom's parents died or something happened to them and aunt polly is tom's guardian and Sid is his cousin or 'half-brother'

Did Aunt Polly forgive Tom for running away and not telling her where he was?

No, Aunt polly never forgave tom.

Why did aunt polly didnot want to punish to tom?

Because after Tom came back from Jackson's Island Aunt polly heard from tom that he kissed her when she was sleeping

Why did Tom decide to visit Aunt Polly?

Tom lied about having the "dream."

What else did Tom get from Aunt Polly but kisses in Tom Sawyer?


How does Tom overcomes to his aunt Polly?

He rapes her.

Who lives with Tom Sawyer?

aunt polly, his mother's sister

What has Tom done to make Aunt Polly mad?

If I remember the story correctly, he is sold down the river.

In The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain Tom is aunt polly's dead sister?

Yes No, how is that possible! TOM IS A BOY!!!!!! boys cannot be sisters! Tom is aunt polly's dead sister's SON!!!!!! get with the program, dude!

Who clarifies the identities of tom and huck?

aunt polly.

In Tom Sawyer what did Aunt Polly commonly punish Tom by hitting his head with?

A whip