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Q: Does Sissy Spacek have a brother?
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What is the birth name of Sissy Spacek?

Sissy Spacek's birth name is Spacek, Mary Elizabeth.

Which actress voices anne uumellmahaye?

sissy spacek

What is Sissy Spacek's full name?

Sissy Spacek's actual full birth name is Mary Elizabeth Spacek.

How is Sissy Spacek last name pronounced?

Sissy Spacek's last name (Spacek) is pronounced: Spay-sek

When did sissy spacek get married?

Sissy Spacek married production designer Jack Fisk in 1974

How many Oscars did The Coal Miner's Daughter win?

One: For Best Actress (Sissy Spacek).

Did Sissy Spacek play in a movie The Rag man where she is a widow?

Sissy Spacek played in The Raggedy Man (1981), where she is divorced, not widowed.

What has the author Sissy Spacek written?

Sissy Spacek has written: 'Barefoot stories' -- subject(s): Biography, Motion picture actors and actresses

Was sissy spacek the actress in the film Carrie?

Yes. Sissy played Carrie White

What movie did sissy spacek play a midwife?


What is the name of Sissy Spacek's upcoming movie?

The Help

Who plays Carrie in the movie Carrie?

The IMDb lists numerous possible answers to this question. If the question refers to the 1976 movie, Carrie was played by Sissy Spacek.