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Yes a younger brother

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Q: Does Shane Harper have a brother?
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Who is Shane Harper's brother?

his name is Sullivan. He's a model and Shane's younger brother

What Is Shane harper's full name?

Shane Steven Harper

Who are teddy duncan real family?

if you mean Bridgit's, she has a brother named nick, and her boyfriend is Shane Harper

When was Shane Harper born?

Shane Harper was born on February 14, 1993.

Is Shane Harper dating Debby Ryan?

NO Shane Harper is dating Bridget Mendler

What kind of underwear does Shane Steven Harper wear?

Shane Harper wears boxers

Does Shane Harper relate to Stephen Harper?


Are Adam hicks and Bridgit Mendler dating?

No they are not, Bridgit is dating Shane Harper

How old is Shane Harper?

Shane Harper is 21 years old (birthdate February 14, 1993).

Who is Shane Harper family?

shane's familys are i don't know

What is Shane Harper's weight?


Where does Shane Harper live?

in California