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NyQuil syrup, It enters your blood stream faster.

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Q: Does NyQuil Night Time pills or syrup work faster?
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Is NyQuil a beverage?

NyQuil is an over-the-counter medication and not a beverage.

Is methadone stronger than benzo?

I have found that the pill is stronger than the liquid, I am on 110mg of liquid, before i was on pills, the pills are much stronger... Ebp &hag

Does Lil Wayne do NyQuil and 7 up?

yeah. he smokes pot and drinks cough syrup.

Does water with oil evaporate faster than syrup and water?

No, water with syrup evaporate faster.

Does sound travel faster through maple syrup or sand?

The denser the material the faster sound will travel. Maple syrup is denser then sand.

How many pills is 15ml of hydrocodone 7.5 syrup equal to?


Will plants grow faster in corn syrup?

Corn syrup has sugars. Sugar can work as a fertilizer for plants. As long as you have not over fertilized, the plant will grow faster.

Mixing diet pills with alcohol?

DO NOT mix your diet pills with alcohol. Especially with prescription diet pills. Drinking alcohol or even taking a cough syrup with alcohol in it can interact with the medication.

Why does water flows faster then corn syrup?

Because water has lower viscosity (resistance to flow) than syrup does.

What evaporates faster salt water or corn syrup?

This is salt water.

Does adding chocolate syrup to ice cream lengthen the time it takes to freeze?

No, in fact it will make it faster because Chocolate Syrup is think.

How can you mak lean without codiene?

Well , If You Dont Want To Use Codiene, You Can Use NyQuil Cough Syrup . When You Buy The Syrup Make Sure You Mix It With Any Drink You Want , Like Juice , Soda , Whatever Beverage ! I Hope This Answered Your Question ! :D