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Yep! Me! :D

Haha just kidding I wish, I've been trying to find out too, that man is such a stud!

Lol yes, michael poulson of volbeat does have a special girl in his life, he's married!

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Q: Does Michael Poulsen of volbeat have a girlfriend?
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Who are the members of volbeat?

Michael Poulsen, Anders Kjølholm and Jon Larsen.

When was Michael Poulsen born?

Michael Poulsen was born on 1975-04-01.

Is the song 'Sad Mans Tongue' by Volbeat original?

It's actually not a Johnny Cash cover, but more a bit of a tribute to Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash. It was written by Poulsen.

When does volbeat evolve?

Volbeat does not evolve.

How do you evolve volbeat?

-_-Volbeat does NOT evolve

When was Volbeat created?

Volbeat was created in 2001.

What level does volbeat evolve?

Volbeat doesn't evolve.

What type of Pokemon is Volbeat?

Volbeat is a Bug type pokemon.

Can volbeat be a female in Pokemon Sapphire?

No. Volbeat is a male-only Pokemon.

Was Valdemar Poulsen Danish?

Valdemar Poulsen was Danish

Who is Michael rosenbaums girlfriend?

Michael Rosenbaum doesn't have a girlfriend, he's single.

Where to get volbeat in emerald?

You can find Volbeat on Route 117 in Pokemon Emerald Version.