Does Luke pasqualino smoke

Updated: 9/6/2023
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In one of his interviews, he said he was going to be honest and told the reporter he has smoked weed once, but he didn't enjoy it much and I think smoking weed is probably not something that he does now.

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Q: Does Luke pasqualino smoke
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What is the birth name of Luke Pasqualino?

Luke Pasqualino's birth name is Luca Giuseppe Pasqualino.

What is Luke Pasqualino's birthday?

Luke Pasqualino was born on February 19, 1989.

How old is Luke Pasqualino?

Luke Pasqualino is 27 years old (birthdate: February 19, 1990).

Is luke Pasqualino single?


How tall is Luke pasqualino?

186 cm

Who is Luke pasqualino dating?

Luke Pasqualino is an English actor, known for his role on the hit teen drama Skins. It is currently unknown if he is dating anyone.

What is the height of actor Luke Pasqualino?

He's said to be 6'1

What is Freddie's real name out of skins?

His name is Luke Pasqualino, though he was born Luca Giuseppe Pasqualino

Would luke pasqualino and Ashley Tisdale be a good couple?


Has Luke Pasqualino got a girlfriend?

not as far as the fame world knows.

Does kaya scodelario and luke pasqualino go out?

No, she's dating Elliot Tittensor.

Has luke pasqualino got a boyfriend?

No he doesn't. He does not because dating is not something he wants right now for it will cause too much media hype.