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No, this product is not an active drug product. It is only sterile nutrition(amino acids, fat, sugar). With the exception of an onset of a heart attack due to an allergic reaction this is not likely. The fluid in the chest that is causing the pulmonary congestion is a result of heart or lung damage or an active drug product.

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Q: Does Kabiven cause pulmonary congestion
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Result of initial failure of the left side of the heart?

Pulmonary congestion

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One possible cause is pulmonary congestion from left ventricular failure. See links for more.

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high fowler's position

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Someone seriously needs to answer this because i have NO idea what so ever!!

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Yes, especially if you have an underlying pulmonary condition.

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Heart worms do cause congestion. However, if this has occurred, it may be too late for the host of these parasites.

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Possibly right ventricular heart failure. Seeing that this condition would back up blood coming from the liver causing liver congestion. Liver congestion then can cause palmar erythema or redness of the palms. The same can be said about malignant pulmonary hypertension.

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They damage the alveolar-capillary membrane

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