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yes Laura duckworth

yes Laura duckworth

she's gorgeous they've been together for years....

seen them out 2getha and their well loved up

He has a WIFE, and baby due NOW

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Q: Does Jermaine beckford have a girlfriend?
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What is the sexual orientation of Jermaine Beckford?

Jermaine Beckford is straight.

When was Jermaine Beckford born?

Jermaine Beckford was born on December 9, 1983.

What is Jermaine Beckford's birthday?

Jermaine Beckford was born on December 9, 1983.

How old is Jermaine Beckford?

Jermaine Beckford is 27 years old (birthdate: December 9, 1983).

Which football team does Jermaine Beckford support?

Jermaine beckford supports leeds united and he will never like everton as much as he likes leeds!

Who are Jermaine beckford's mum and dad?

Jennifer & Ian-Craig

Is Jermaine beckford with louise allan?

yes he is. they are a beaut couple

Who is Jermaine Beckford?

Jermaine beckford plays for everton. he used to play for leeds united but moed to everton in the summer of 2010. he was leeds' top scorer for many seasons and has many good stike partners such as tresor kandol, luciano becchio and Robert snodgrass. Jermaine beckford will never have such a good career at everton as he did at leeds and im sure he will regter moving there.

How many goals has Jermaine beckford scored for everton?

1 in the league cup

Who has scored the most goals for leeds united 2009 season?

Jermaine Beckford.

Who is travis beckford?

Travis Beckford is a younger brother to Jermaine Beckford (currently playing football for Leeds United). Travis entered and won Wayne Rooney's "StreetStriker" competition on Sky1 in October 2008. Travis birthday is Sept 14.

What does Jermaine beckford's tattoo?

It says Shante, with a date. I'm presuming it's a daughter with date of birth, maybe??