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Yes. If you watch the writer's commentary and read the original unedited dead mans chest script it basically says that Jack loved Elizabeth. She's the only person who ever challenged him and got the best of him. For example she tricked him into drinking until he passed out and burned his rum, and she chained him to the ship by kissing him. they both understand each other too.

so yes, i believe he will always love her, even though they won't be together. (And no I'm not a fan of the jack/elizabeth pairing, I'm just stating the obvious)

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Q: Does Jack Sparrow still love ELizabeth?
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Were sparrow and Elizabeth in love?

If you are talking about Pirates of the Caribbean, no they were not in love. Jack Sparrow was infatuated with Elizabeth Swan but they had more of a necessity relationship.

Does Elizabeth swan love jack?

Elizabeth Swan is not so much in love with Capt. Jack Sparrow as she is in love with the idea of the life he leads. She loves pirate lore and romanticised about pirate life. She does care about him which is why she helped him so much. She is, however, in love with Will Turner, the man she married.

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Who would win Leonidas or Jack Sparrow?

Hahahahahahaha I love both of them. It depends where they are fighting. Jack sparrow has a gun, but Leonidas is just a boss and can throw his spear as far as he wants. I'd say Leonidas. Jack Sparrow is my second favorite movie character after THE JOKER. R.I.P. Heath Ledger.

What is Jack Sparrow's patronus?

J.K.R said that your patronus is usually the reflection or the exact patronus or the peron or thing that is your happy memory. Now the debate is, if Jack really is in love with Elizabeth (which i don't believe he is for a plethora of reasons). if he were in love with elizabeth his patronus would be what her's is and her's would be the mate of wills. but let's say that Elizabeth's is a Swann, therefore Jack's would be a swann, just like Professor Snape's is a doe, because he was in love with lily and lily was in love with James and since jame's was a stag she was a doe. but i doubt it. we really wouldn't know what Jack's pratronus would be because we don't know what his most happy memory is, or who/what he's in love with. if it were the ocean his patrons would be whatever represents the ocean. i like to think of a Dolphin or a Sparrow. but we wouldn't know good question though!! :) hope this helped a bit capt. Blue-Eyed Jane

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That in any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies Elizabeth and Jack should get together?

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Everybody knows that Will and Elizabeth got married and had a child in At World's End. Elizabeth and Jack can never get together. They do not love each other and certainly will NEVER EVER EVER get together.

Did Jack Sparrow ever have feelings for Elizabeth Swann because he looked like he wanted to kiss her a lot of times in Dead Man's Chest also he proposed to her in a pirate-y sort of way so did he?

He doesnt actually , he just saw her as a hott girl. And decided to go for her. Then Will came and kinda ruined it. So you would think he kinda stepped down , and waited for her to actually tell him that she wanted him...I thinkHoped that helped!!.

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