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yes. anytime you pull a muscle or if your muscles are feeling sore, then you should ice it for about ten minutes and then add heat for ten minutes and continue doing that.

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Q: Does Deep Heat Help A Strained Calf?
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Why does your calf hurt?

You might have cancer, fasciitis, or simply a strained muscle. A doctor can help you decide.

What are the benefits of calf massagers?

Calf muscles are very powerful and help one run, jump and walk. Massages can help calf muscles by improving circulation, reducing scar tissue, and reducing pain.

What home remedies are good for treating calf cramps?

Cramps usually occur from overexertion and dehydration. Home remedies that would help one to soothe their calf cramps include the following: apply heat or ice, rub the area with baby oil, and drink plenty of liquids.

What is the first treatment of calf pain?

If you have calf strain after playing tennis, the best course of action is to first try icing it with an ice or cold pack for 15-20 minutes. An Ace bandage can help keep the pack fastened to your calf. Ibuprofen can be taken to help inflammation. Neoprene calf supports can also be worn to help promote healing.

Can a dentist fix my calf injuries?

No a dentist can not fix a calf injury as a dentist specializes in the study of the mouth and the calf is a muscle in the leg which is used to help u walk and run

How can you help a day old cow suckle from its mother?

First restrain the momma cow in a headgate or squeeze. Then get the calf up to it's momma's udder, and try to squirt some milk on its nose and mouth. Open the calf's mouth and insert the teat and help the calf to suck by squirting milk into the calf's mouth. You may have to keep doing this for a while until the calf gets it and starts suckling on its own. If the calf is too weak to suckle, you will have to milk out the cow and tube-feed the calf.

What calf muscle help you stand?

Every muscle in the back of the calf (with the exception of the popliteus) helps to raise you up on your tip toes.

What to do to help blind calf... is there medication to help?

That is something you need to talk to your veterinarian about, as I have no idea about the age, sex, breed, other symptoms or any other history of this calf to help you out. Depending on the severity of the sort of disease or illness a calf is inflicted with or whether blindness is a genetic condition, a calf could be permanently blind even if you try to find some way to help it out. So you would be best to go talk to a veterinarian instead of finding any answers on this site.

What can you do to help a strained voice as you speak for a living?

you can drink tea. take a hot shower. and DONT TALK

When do a calf's first teeth erupt?

A calf's first teeth often erupts in the womb a week or a few days before birth. These milk teeth are often seen to help a calf nurse.

How does running help your body grow?

it builds up your calf muscles a ton, it'll help you with endurance

How does a calf help you?

A calf (or baby cow) is the reason that the beef and dairy industries have not crashed. They are the future beef and milk producers, so in short answer they will feed you.