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If You want to do berry crush first of all you have to insert the berry program. You conect a cable with 2 GBA's one with Fire Red/Leaf Green and the other one with Saphire/Ruby. Only turn F/G on. When it gets to the PRESS START screen press b+ select, follow the instructions, then u can get berries. To get berries, on the grass there should be a dark green circle there, press a and u get a berry. When u have at least 1 berry go to Cerilien City and go inside the house next to the House where u can go outside (if that makes sense). There should be a man there. Talk to him and say you like berries and then he will give u a powder jar. Go upstairs in a Poke center, direct corner and do berry crush with a friend, using wireless conecter. You can exchange powder with items where u got ur powder jar from. If you can't find any berries send me back an answer and i will tell u where some are.

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Q: Do you want to know how to do Berry Crush?
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How do you crush berries on Pokemon emerald I got the powder jar so what am I supposed to do I tried every Pokemon center and I couldn't find the place where you crush berries Please tell me how OK?

It's very simple of you want to do Berry crush you need a wireless adapter and another person to do the berry crush and if you want to do any thing wireless in Pokemon emerald then you need a GBA or GBA SP

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To berry crush you need two wireless adapters, a friend and some berries and the powder jar located in cerulean city, go up the escalator at any Pokemon center hook up the wireless adapter to your GBAorGBASP then talk to the lady on the far right she will ask you to go in the trade center or colosseum or berry crush, choose berry crush and have your friend do the same then pick a berry that says its good to make medicine have your friend do the same then press the A button repeatedely and you will receive berry powder.

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