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Yes, when you snog, or make out or have it, you use your tongues, it is really enjoyable. But remember, when you make out, always angle your head so you and your partener don't smash heads, it is really emmbarrising and the fact that you can't kiss will spread quick. You also want to play with their tongue throughout, no doing tongue tornadeos either, she or he will laugh at you, just sort of wrestle with their tongue, rubbing their toungue with the rough(top) part of your tongue, then with the bottom. make sure your lips are smooth and wet, and that your breath doesn't smell like week-old chilly.

Well if you are snogging then you should use tonges unless you and your partner like it without just follow what your partner is doing if they use there tongue then you use yours but if they are just using there lips then don't force to be using your to tongue it will come eventually but most people do use there tongue when snogging

Well. its called a snog because you use tounges, if you don't use tounges then its just a kiss. But Snogging is so enjoyable, it would be a shame to just miss the chance. Just see what the boy does and if he puts his tongue into it then out yours in too. Cause other wise the boy may think that you just aren't intrested.

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Q: Do you use tongues when snogging?
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What is the meaning of 'snogging'?

The term snogging refers to a type of kiss, its a full on kiss, each others tongues caress the others, and saliva being ingested snogging involves cuddling an light touching of the upper body.

Is aaron Johnson a good kisser?

YES! He is good at kissing,snogging,tongues and possibly sex! PHWOAR! hunky x10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,00000000,00000000000000000000000000000000!(L)

Is licking a boy or girls toungue snogging?

No it's not that. Kissing is lips, french kissing is when tongues are inserted. try not to lick though.

If someone says they want to 'get off with you' is this most likely to be a french kiss other words... snogging with tongues?

Well Basically it is sexual and it means they want to have sex with you.

What is the boy guide book that the mom gives Georgia in Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging?

perfect snogging: use ur tongue.

What do snakes us there tongues for?

Snakes use there tongues for a lot of thing. Snakes use their tongues for smell and to find food.

What can you practice snogging?

its when a boy nd girl close there eyes and stick there tongues n each others mouths nd swirls nd den he fingers her whilst standing up

Do butterflies use their tongues to suck up nectar?

They use their tongues to suck nectar

Do birds use their tongues to drink?

Birds use their tongues to taste, they use their beaks/ mouths to drink.

See a film of them snogging?

lol...snogging is like making-out

What do you use your tongues?

you use your tongue to taste food

Why is it that cats have tongues?

Cats use their tongues to help them eat and drink. They do not sip water as humans do, they lap it up with their tongues. Watch them some time.