Do you need your uvula

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, however it does play a role in swallowing. The nasal and oral cavity share a common point in your windpipe: the pharynx. This is why you can breathe through your mouth and your nose. When swallowing is initiated, the uvula moves upwards to block off the nasal passage to prevent food/liquid from entering it, which is why it's impossible to breathe at the same time.

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Q: Do you need your uvula
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When you get your tonsils removed does the uvula come out too?

No,You Just need Your Tonsils Removed.But If you have a big Uvula too You might need to remove it.

Is the uvula the same as the tonsils?

No, the uvula is a part of you gag reflexes. Plus, you cannot remove your uvula.

What is hanging ball in back of throat?

The hanging ball in the back of the throat is called a uvula.

What is the part of the throat that hangs down?

That is called the uvula. There are many theories why we have one but no one is really sure.

What body parts start with U?

Uvula - the small flap in the back of your throat

Can the uvula get infected?

Yes actually, i actually have a infected uvula right now! i went to the doctor and all they did was give me antibiotics. And its not as much the uvula but the throat infection spreading to the uvula.

From where does the uvula dangle?

The uvula is in the back of the mouth. It is also called the "palatine uvula" and is part of the soft palate. Stimulation of the uvula results in triggering the gag reflex, in order to prevent choking.

Does the uvula move?

Yes, the uvula in your throat does. When you scream or talk, it does.

What makes the uvula drop?

Paralysis of cranial nerve ten causes uvula palsy. Uvula deviates to the opposite side.

What is the small flap in the back of the throat called?

It is called the Palatine uvula, and helps us articulate our vocal sounds into human speech. It also helps break down your food.

Can the end of the uvula make you snore?

The piece of tissue that hangs from the back of the throat is called the uvula. Individuals with a large or longer than average uvula can suffer from snoring when the uvula vibrates in the airway.

What is another name for uvula?

"Palatine Uvula", because of its location in the mouth.