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Q: Do you need a doctors note to where a knee brace in school?
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When do you need to get a knee brace?

When you get a knee injury.

Do you need a knee brace for your contusion?

You do not need a knee brace if you are sure that it is just a contusion. A knee brace can be helpful for ligament and cartilage injuries and sometimes is used if there is some doubt.

Do you need to wear a knee brace for running if you have had knee injuries?

Knee braces can be very beneficial if you have had knee injuries in the past and you may find that you will need this for activities such as running. The best way to find out if you need a knee brace would be to contact your Doctor or Physio Therapist who will be able access if this will be needed.

Why Use A Knee Brace?

Knee braces come in handy in many situations. You can use them when you are playing sports, and you can wear a knee brace if you are injured. You can purchase knee braces at almost any retail store. If you play sports, then it is a good idea to wear a knee brace. The brace will protect your knee from being injured if you twist it or if you fall on the knee. You might have to wear a brace on both knees if you play a sport that has a lot of physical contact. Basketball players can wear knee pads to protect their knees if they fall on the court. If you play basketball, you could injure your knee by tripping over someone or by turning too fast while you are running or trying to shoot the ball. Soccer players also wear knee braces. They risk injuring their knees if the ball comes close to them. They could also get kicked in the knee by another player. If you have been injured while playing a sport, or if you have damaged your knee in another way, a knee brace can help to keep the knee stable until you can go to the doctor. A knee brace might be the only thing that you need if you have only sprained the knee or pulled any ligaments. You should keep the knee propped on something, and you should stay off of it as much as possible. A muscle rub can be applied to the knee before you put the knee brace on. The rub will soothe the knee while the brace is on it. When you need a knee brace, you can usually find one by going to your local grocery store or pharmacy. Most stores have some type of knee brace in their first aid department. If you need something more stable, then you can visit an urgent care facility.

Who can use a used metal leg brace?

Huh, I don't get ya!=Anyone can use a metal leg brace, it's best to check with doctors first,==If you permately wear a brace or you need to get a brace (doctors order) there is nothing wrong with a 2nd hand one as long as it's in good condition==good luck!=

Can you wear a metal knee brace in volleyball?

If you have ankle issues, or have previously hurt it(sprained, broken, ect.) then yes wear an ankle brace, if you feel you need to.If you have nothing wrong with your ankles, then don't wear one, wearing one when you don't need one ruins your ankles.

What traning do doctors need to go to?

medical school

What type of brace do you need?

what type of brace do I need after a extraction?? Is to put a tooth in this place

What schools do internal medicine doctors need to go to?

Medical school.

What do doctors need to know?

almost everything they teach at MEDICAL SCHOOL MAYBE . . .

If you had a leg brace would you need crutches?

yes... a leg brace is like a cast

To be a doctor do you need to have a master's degree?

Doctors go to medical school and have MD degrees.