Do you like sonadow

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Haha, what is this a survey? I dont know what that is...what is it?

I kind of do, and I kind of don't. I mean, Sonic and Shadow ARE a good couple, but they just don't belong together to me.

....I don't remember asking this question at all :P

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EW!!! NO!!!!



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Q: Do you like sonadow
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Why do people feel the need to make Sonadow stories?

That depends on how you're asking. If you mean by "Why do people like Sonadow?", I'm a sonadow fan so I can answer that. I find Sonadow cute, and I like it when Shadow is the dominant male in the relationship and if one of them were a girl, I'd say Sonic. If you mean by "I know they like it, but why do they have to write about it?", we sonadow fans like to express ourselves. We like to write stories about the couples we love because we enjoy writing about our two favorite hedgies. I hope this answered your question.

What is Sonadow?

Sonadow, is like....well...okay. Say your name was, Gabe, and his girlfriend was Rebecca, together, their names are, Gabecca. Sonadow means that Sonic (son) and Shadow (adow) are gay, and together. Like a COUPLE. That's right, I said it. Example: Sonic+Amy=Sonamy. Knuckles+Rouge=Knuxrouge. Tails+Cosmo=Taismo. Shadow+Rouge=Shadouge , and Sonic+Shadow=SONADOW.

Who is sonadow?

Sonadow is a fan couple made up of Sonic and Shadow.

Why is sonadow so popular?

Well i am a sonadow fan myself and I believe sonadow is popular because we find it cute how shadow has become dominant and sonic is more of the female intrest. I'm NOT saying sonic should be a girl but my point is that sonadow has grown popular by more people talking writing and drawing about it

Is sonamy better than sonadow?

my opinion, yes

How much power is generated by a wind turbine?

it makes about 70,00,000 in a year [sonadow rocks]

Is sonadow real?

You know Sega would never ever make anything gay. So no!

Does Sonadow exist in real life?

No, all Sonic characters are fictional, and don't exist in real life.

How cute is the Sonic ship sonadow Sonic x Shadow?

I think it is really cute and funny tbh

Who deos sonic love?

Yes he is in love with none other than his rival Shadow the hedgehog. Most people would say "Sonic loves Amy, he's just afraid to tell her". PEOPLE! AMY IS 12 YEARS OLD AND SONIC IS 15! Not to mention there has been a lot of canon sonadow interactions then sonamy.

How did sonilver start?

nobody knows but my gusse is that after silver was made that they thought sonadow and shadilver wasnt enough and then sonilver was born

How started sonilver?

nobody knows but my gusse is that after silver was made that they thought sonadow and shadilver wasnt enough and then sonilver was born