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record your voice and play it back- that's how other people will hear your voice

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Q: Do you hear your own voice the same as everyone else hears it?
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How does a voice change during telephone conversation?

It is just because you hear your voice differently then everyone else.

New moon edward hears Bella's voice?

edward doesn't hear Bella's voice!!! Bella hears his

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record labels make you famous and if you are really good people hear about you and it mainly makes your musical personality come out and everyone else hears you!!!!

When does a baby hear daddy's voice?

It actually hears it's fathers voice while still in the womb. Which is why, when it is born, it will already be comforted by daddy's voice.

Does your voice sound exactly the way you hear it?

No, when you sing your also hearing the vibrations from your throat which nobody else can hear

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Those that believe in God believe that he hears all prayers. In most major religions, God is omnipotent and omniscient, so he would hear the prayers of everyone.

What does stage voice mean?

Stage voice is a voice which someone may have and use when acting or performing on a stage. If someone has a stage voice, they can project their voice so that everyone can hear them and the voice is loud and clear and suited/good for stage performances.

What are the past present future tense for the word heard?

Past: Heard (e.g. I heard a noise) Present: Hear/hears (e.g. I hear a noise, She hears a noise) Future: Will hear (e.g. I will hear a noise)

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He needed to project his voice more if everyone at the back of the room were going to hear him properly.

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