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Pay back whom? If you receive a settlement for an injury and you have medical bills you have to pay those bills related to the injury and it is a good idea to put any remaining funds leftover into a special account in case you get future bills for that injury. Many people go and buy a house or a car with the settlement money and then later on when they need the money to pay for injury care the money is gone and they are in real trouble. Medical insurance carriers will not pay for injury care when you have received a settlement to pay for that injury care. So be wise.

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Q: Do you have to pay back after a settlement?
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Do you have to pay workers compensation back from a personal injury settlement?


If you receive a workers comp settlement but owe back taxes will they take your settlement away?

They won't take your settlement away but you should pay some of what you owe on your back taxes. This won't happen automatically.

Archives of HMS Holding back to 1993?

In 1993 was there a settlement in which HMS Holding was required to pay $10,000 to an individual from Ironton Ohio?

If you get a vioxx settlement do you have to pay back your health insurance plan?

Quite possibly. Join the discussion about news and the pros and cons of the settlement with other Vioxx plaintiffs at Yahoo Groups. The group is called "MerckSettlement".

Can my spouse spouse receive half of my Social Security back pay in the divorce settlement?

No. Because it is the persons case based on their work history

Sample letter to pay back money owed?

i need sample that letter mentioned staff to settlement of the money and the closing with account number

You receive a settlement from a law suit Is that income subject to Federal or State income taxes?

It depends what the issue of the case is about. If the settlement is in a personal injury lawsuit, there are no taxes. This money is strictly compensation for physical injuries. If the settlement is for back-pay or loss of income lawsuit, then there probably will be taxes.

How much taxes do you pay on a slip and fall settlement?

The settlement will be listed as income on your Federal tax return. You will pay the tax percentage of the bracket you are in that year.

The pay-in and pay-out dates for the settlement calendar is declared?

by the respective Stock Exchanges.

Do you pay taxes on auto insurance settlement for bodily injury?

No. This type of settlement is not generally taxable.

Back surgery settlement work comp?

will i recieve a settlement after having back surgery workers comp

How long does it take to get a settlement from life insurance companies?

On average a company has 60 to pay the settlement or notify the beneficiary if there are any problems concerning the settlement. If the beneficiary killed the insured person the company can refuse to pay.