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If you "read" every word in your mind without uttering outside sounds, no it is not a reading problem. Actually, that's how the great majority of people read when alone. That's why we read at a slower pace. If you get to just look at the letters and words as you look at a picture, without pronouncing them in your head, you can more than double the speed of your reading.

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Q: Do you have a reading problem if you need to pronounce every words in your mind?
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What does reading have to do with math?

you have to now how to pronounce the words that are used in math

What is the main problem in reading?

The main problem in reading is a lack of practice or a difficulty in sounding out the words. Often, people will become frustrated with how slowly they read and will give up reading.

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Learn to spell it correct ;-)

What is the most frequently identified problem in student reading?

The most frequently identified problem in student reading is poor phonemic awareness. Often the child struggles with the structure of words and their sounds.

What is pseudo word reading?

Pseudo word reading is the ability to accurately pronounce non-words that follow language patterns but do not have any meaning. It is often used in research and assessments to measure decoding skills and phonetic knowledge in reading.

How has spoken language changed?

Every language evolves over time. Words are coined and words fall out of use. The way in which we pronounce words also changes.

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its a problem where you have trouble with wiriting,reading,learning suffixes root words and all that (i have disgraphia)

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I believe he does. He cannot pronounce words containing the letter L. Examples, he says "miwwionaire" instead of millionaire, "panew" instead of panel. Yet, he's able to pronounce talent with no problem.

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How can base words and derived words help you improve reading?

base words and derived words help you improve your reading by giving you better reading fluency

What is one thing that you can do so you are not plagiarizing?

One thing you can do is to add your own words into what you are reading so that every word is not the same.