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Ewwwwwww! YOU FREAK! Only joking, yes you do. Ewwwwwww! YOU FREAK! Only joking, yes you do.

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Q: Do you get spots in your Gentile's?
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Who is the patron saint of the Gentiles?

I know of no patron saint of the gentiles. However, St. Paul is called the Apostle of the Gentiles.

Who wrote to the gentiles?

Luke writer of the gospel also wrote for the Gentiles

Will you be happy when Jesus saves Israel from the gentiles?

Christianity is the religion of the "gentiles"

Who is the apostle to the Gentiles whose letters you read in the bible?

Paul was the apostle to the Gentiles.

What is a nickname for the Saint Paul?

He is sometimes known as the "Apostle of the Gentiles" or "Apostle to the Gentiles."

Why do gentiles not celebrate Hanukkah?

Gentiles aren't Jewish. Hanukah is a Jewish holiday.

Who were the Gentiles in Jesus' time?

They were the Christians of their time gentiles were the followers of Jesus that we not born Jews

Was Saint Paul an apostle to?

He called himself the Apostle to the Gentiles.

Who brought the good new to the gentiles?

Paul was the main person to bring the good news to the gentiles.

Why do Jews call gentiles sinners?

Gentiles who sin are sinners, just as are Jews who sin. Gentiles are not considered to be sinners if they violate a prohibition only incumbent upon Jews, such as cutting themselves in mourning for a dead relative (as opposed to for idolatry).

Is a lamb an apostle of the gentiles?

No. The apostle to the Gentiles was Paul. He was a plain ordinary man chosen by God to tell the Gentiles of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is described as the "Lamb of God".

How do you use the word gentiles in a sentence?

The word gentiles was used to denote all non-Jewish people.