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Yeah, that happens to me sometimes, and it feels terrible. When I get that, I look at a bright light, and I'm almost always able to sneeze afterwards.

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Q: Do you get itchy tickly noses where you cant sneeze but you have to?
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Do eagle owls sneeze?

no they do not they cant sneeze cuz of how there nose is

What cant you do with your eyes open?

You cannot sneeze with your eyes open.

What happens Every time you sneeze?

when you sneeze guess what happenssnot comes out of your nose and you sort of spit siliveri cant believe you didn't know that.

What if it is itchy down below?

you cant do anything but wait till u have stared your perod even if u shave it it will still be itchy.

Ever have to sneeze while pissing?

yes but you cant do it!!! O.O your brain says "STOP PISSING, YOUR GOING TO SNEEZE NOW" cuz your brain knows, if you sneeze while pissing you might blow you ***hole out -George Carlin

What creature has 22 noses?

Austin Dunbar has 22 noses but you cant see them because he sucks them in when hes out in public. Hes a freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A super freak. Super freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How come you can't sneeze with your eyes open?

because ur a "normal person." a few people in this world can sneeze with their eyes open, but most cant (watch mythbusters if you wanna know the truth i dont know the episode)

What is a rash of little raised itchy bumps that are on wrists arms knees back of knees?

excezma (cant spell it)

Can you sneeze and not blink?

The fact is you can go search every where and ask any one but blinking your eyes while you sneeze is a natural body reaction. When you see a bright light you sneeze and your eyes close so that they can shut longer than when you blink so you won't hurt your eyes . As much as you try not to blink you cant because when you sneeze your entire body shuts down for that time so your eyes close as well. Another reason why you naturally blink when you sneeze is that if you did not blink while sneezing, your eyes would pop out.

Do dogs smell with their teeth?

No. Dogs Smell with their nose just like everything else that has a nose. Their noses are a lot more sensitive than human noses so they can pick up smells that we cant. Dogs do not however have any way to smell with their teeth.

Why does your dog chew on himself?

Usually because its itching itself. If it cant reach the itchy spot with its toenails, it nibbles on the itch. Hope that helps!

Is it true that when we sneeze we die for 1 second?

No. Wave your hand while sneezing. Pretty sure a dead person cant move. Its just the bodies reaction to a foreign substance in the nasal passages. Just as you inhale dust, you are forced to sneeze and is dirt gets in the eye, your tear ducts flush it out.