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yes it is posinus!!!!!!

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Q: Do you get cancer if you scratch off a mole?
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Does a mole bleed when scratch off?

most do, but they shouldn't be being scatched off, if you are concerned book an appointment with your GP

You had a mole and it scabbed off What does that mean?

If you have a mole and it has scabbed over, it is important to see a doctor. It could be a sign of skin cancer.

Can you get cancer from scratching a mole off?

I dont think so. I just think you will be in some pain.

What happens if you scratch a mole?

In general, you will not be able to scratch away the entire mole. The lower parts, or the roots of it will remain. You will in most cases just end up with a wound and the mole heals itself like the skin normally would do. The mole can in some cases become larger.

Can scratching a mole make it bigger?

Scratching a mole will not make it get bigger.I scratch my mole on my arm every day and it never got bigger.

Can a mole get cancer from plucking hairs out?


Can you scratch a tattoo off?

You can't scatch a real tatoo off. But you can scratch off a fake tatoo off. It is easier to scratch it off when it is wet.

Can ripping off a mole cause cancer?

To be honest, if you are to rip of a mole you will end up with your genitals falling off and you will generate aids in your eyelids. The best way to get rid off it would be to get a blowtorch to it and cover it in oil. If this does not work, ride a monkey and a sheep.

When should a mole be removed?

A mole should be removed if it starts to grow bigger, or if it appeared where there was previously not a mole. A mole can indicate bigger problems, such as skin cancer.

What happens when you scratch off a mole?

Many times it bleeds and then may return. What is more important is the color, size, shape of the mole. Go have it looked at.

Can you get cancer from shaving your arms?

Probably not. That makes really no sense at all.

Can lice give you cancer if you scratch too much?

No, you cannot get cancer from scratching too much.