Do women smile more than women?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Some women smile more than other women, indeed.

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Q: Do women smile more than women?
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Why do men smile a lot more than women?

because they're jerks and more goofy than women

What do women find more attractive in macho men than in non-competitive types?


What takes more of them to frown than smile?

It take more facial muscles to frown than to smile.

What do women like more in a man?

peronality and smile <3

What is a smile worth?

More than you can calculate.

How do you know that you are more than friends?

when they smile, laugh, talk, more to/with you.

Does it take more muscle action to chew or to smile?

It may take up to 100 times more energy to chew than when you smile.

Are the population of men more than women?

Their are more women than men :)

What are the reasons why women are more prone to osteoporosis than women?

Why are women more prone to osteoporosis than men

It takes more of these to frown than smile?

Frown a smile takes 17 musles and a frown takes 43 musles

Can men smell more smells than women?

30% more scents than women

If a girl likes you will she smille when she looks at you?

Yes but women smile for lots of reasons at lots of things all the time, as do men.She's looked at you and you've made her smile: Perhaps she was just being polite, perhaps you make her feel happy or are friendly with her. Who knows.You have to look at more than just a smile when trying to figure out if someone likes you.