Do women like panty pooping

Updated: 9/7/2023
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Some do, especially if the panty is then placed upon the forehead.

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I don't think anybody does.

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Q: Do women like panty pooping
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What can one find at the site called Panty Poop?

There is no direct link that has a site called Panty Poop. This leads to references that lead to porn sites and other kinds of videos that involve panty pooping.

Do women wear panty under sari?

Of course no she never wear panty bcz she feel comfortable without

What colors do panty girdles come in for women?

If one purchases panty girdles for women at Macy's department store, one can choose from black, taupe and white. Women's panty girdles may also be purchased Overstock and one may choose from the colors previously mentioned plus red.

Why is wearing a panty hose a problem at work?

It isn't. Generally, wearing panty hose makes women appear more professional at work.

Is it allright to be turned on by women pooping?

It seems like a strange connection to make however everyone to their own. You are not the only one that does.

does anyone like pooping?

Pooping may be smelly, but yes

Are there panty liners for women who do not wear panties?

No, panty liners are for when a girl is begining to hit puberty. Panty liners protect the girls underwear when the have vaginal discharge. or even if they are just getting their period for that month or for when they are just finishing their period.

Do Indian women wears panty?

yes they do........... infact they are more concious like wearing panties according to their wearig thongs so that apnty line not seen

How do you get your fantage person to look like she is pooping?

um do this got to go to bathroom ll poopz ll then it will look like your pooping

Which women's panties are flattering and don't show under a formal gown?

Wearing a thong panty is really the best way to prevent panty lines and is very flattering under a formal gown.

Should women wear panties under pantyhose?

It is a personal choice to wear or not to wear panties with pantyhose; However, in reality there is no need for the panty undergarment when wearing pantyhose as it has its own panty already.

Can pregnant women tell if they will have anal hernias?

Yes, if the women has pebble stool or isn't using their stool softner like they are so post to, then they can aquire a hernia on or in their anus. This is from the pressure of the uterus on the anus which causes the women to strain while pooping.