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Q: Do women like a man with a nice big full set of lips?
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Why are Mexicans so pretty?

Because they have thick hair, full lips and nice bodies.

How do you get full lips?

Collagen injections. But a MUCH better and safer quick fix is using a nice "lip plumper." My personal favorite is Buxom at Sephora's. It's a nice, soft lipstick that also makes your lips fuller.

How where women treated in 1858-1968?

They got to make out with Brandon Garner only if they were hot and had nice lips and knew how to kiss.

What do women find beautiful about men?

height, lips, eyes, curves, large breasts, hair and nice personality, them being single, and youth.

What are columbian women like?

They are nice people, like the general population of Columbia

If a boy is staring at your lips and you look away and he's still looking at your lips what does that mean?

Most likely that he thinks you have nice lips, your hot, or he wants to kiss you(:

Do men like women who are mean to other women that like him or does he like the nice ladies?

I can't speak for all the men in the world but most men would want a woman who is a nice person. A woman who is jealous of other women and mean to them only show the men that they are possessive and a mean person.even though they can be nice to us women just to make us think that he's not cheating on us, he can be playing us by being too nice to us.

Why did Zac and Nikki kiss?

because he was really nice and litt Nikki kiss he but on the lips . he really nice

How do you meet nice women?

There are numerous ways you can meet nice women. One tip is to be in an environment where nice women would be. For example, the library would have different types of women compared to at a bar. Although, there are nice women everywhere. Women will be nice to you if you are nice to them. The old rule comes into play, treat others how you want to be treated. So, the key to meeting nice women is to be genuinely nice yourself and it will attract them to you.

Men and women are like feet They need each other?

Nice to know..

How can you fix a deeply hooked nose with wide flat nostrils that gives the face a harsh appearance?

Plastic surgery, like get it reduced in its size. You can also make your lips, eyes and cheeks, brows more defined and more noticable then the nose. Like, make your eye colour stand out, and your cheeks long and rosey, and brows nice and curvy, and lips full and pink. To help with the eye defying, use mascara, and make some nice eyelashes to draw the attention away! Hope I helped! -Gabby

What color if you inner vagina lips supposed to be if your Mexican?

nice and pink