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Of course, women probably enjoy sex more than men do.

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Q: Do women ever like to seduce men rather than the other way around?
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Is it possible to seduce postmenopausal women?


What are the release dates for How to Seduce Difficult Women - 2009?

How to Seduce Difficult Women - 2009 was released on: USA: 30 October 2009 (Village East Cinemas, NYC)

What does a male say to another male to suduce him?

It rather depends on what you hope to seduce him to do. If you hope to seduce him into giving you his car, you'll probably need money. If you are trying to seduce him into going to a ball game with you, you might want to find some fine looking women to accompany you...If you are trying to seduce him into some form of sexual perversion with you, you ought to re-evaluate your motives and intentions because that's how a lot of homosexuals become injured.

What type of book is Guy Gets Girl?

'Guy Gets Girl' is a book on how to attract and seduce women. It is written by author Tiffany Taylor, who writes other how-to's on dating and picking up women.

Who can be a victim of sexual harassment?

Anyone can be the victim of sexual harassment, and anyone can be the perpetrator. Harassment does not involve physical contact. Sex related physical contact would be sexual assault. Men can harass women and other men either by attempting to seduce or intimidate them into sexual behavior, or by humiliating them around anything sexual or sexually suggestive. Women can harass men and other women in the same ways.

What do sirens do to men at sea?

Sirens are a mythical tale of women at sea that seduce men because they are lost at sea and they are desperate. Sirens seduce the men and when they come close enough, they destroy them.

How would you seduce an older women?

Difficult. Older women wiser, been around, see your plan. If lucky, older woman fancy you. Not likely. ---- On the other hand... Sometimes an older woman is not such a princess and can actually understand the idea of give and take in a relationship. And she might have earned the enjoyment of a vigorous young male's company by being more of an equal partner to him (while gently contributing to his education) than a fresh young thing who simply expects to be worshiped. My suggestion would be: Don't try to seduce the older woman. Let her seduce you. Watch and learn. it's difficult. older woman wants to find the older man and not pay attention to the younger man

What is Zeus known associates?

Zeus is associated with the eagle and the lightning bolt. He has turned himself into many creatures however to seduce women both mortal and immortal.

How do you seduce married women?

You don't try to attract a married woman. If you want to play Russian Roulette and see if you can get her interested in you and she is then you will still lose out because most women will generally stay with their husbands.

What can a women can learn from men?

Well to be honest I think its the other way around :L WOMEN TEACH MEN NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND !!!

How do you seduce an woman?

In order to seduce a woman you need to understand women and be on the same wavelength as them, see things from their point of view.

Are you a pig if you are attracted to women in bikinis?

No. In fact, I rather suspect pigs are more attracted to other pigs than they are to women in bikinis.