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think so

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Q: Do women enjoy men staring at their lovely breasts in public?
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Do lactating breasts men enjoy lctating breasts?

I guess so, I think they like to suck on them maybe!

Do all girls have sexy breasts?

That is dependent on the girl herself. Many girls do enjoy having breasts for various reasons.

Are you a gay if you are a female and like your female friends breasts?

It is possible to enjoy the appearance of breasts in a completely platonic way. However, if you experience sexual attraction to the breasts -and hence the friend- then perhaps you are homosexual.

Does anne Marie patisserie in ascot open on a Saturday?

yes it does.. lovely dishes its open 24/7... Enjoy

Is it normal to enjoy fondling your breasts?

Yes, it is normal for men & women to explore their bodies. Its a form of masturbation.

You are scared of puberty but you want breasts What do you do?

Be patient. Enjoy prepubescence. Soon enough, you'll be wishing you were young again.

What happens to your breasts in the first trimester of pregnancy?

they become sore and enlarged. and just very prominent. lol enjoy!

Is it wrong for a guy to enjoy staring at a university girl's bare feet?

no I dont think it's wrong. It might be gross but its not wrong. its a free country.

How do you cook chicken beast?

A lovely way to cook chicken breasts is to... Season chick ion with salt,pepper and sage Wrap chicken in Parma ham and fry slice a mozzarella ball When chicken is cooked place a slice of mozzarella on top Place the frying pan with chicken in the grill and allow the cheese to melt. ENJOY xoxo

Would a guy like his penis to be between the girl's breasts?

Yes, A man would like to stick his penis in between a woman's breasts and for the woman she would enjoy it too ,because it feels good.

Can you take a dump in public?

Yes enjoy people watching you

Why do lesbians suck each others breasts?

because its their private art. boys also suck eachothers dick cause they enjoy it