Do twins share boyfriends

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If they really want to. Even though they may look the same, they have different lives.

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Q: Do twins share boyfriends
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Are there twins that share boyfriends?

Many identical twins (males and females) have reported that they have shared.

What are monochorionic twins?

Twins that share a single placenta.

Do identical or non-identical twins share a placenta?

do identical or non identical twins share the same placenta

What type of twins share the greatest genetic overlap?

Monozygotic twins.

Does the Bella twins have boyfriends?

brie bf name is eward and nikki bf name is cotton

Can conjoined twins read each other's thoughts if they share a brain?

If they share a brain then they only have one set of thoughts.

What do identical twins share in common?


What do you call twins that are born connected?

Twins that are born connected are called conjoined twins. There are different kinds of conjoined twins, including thoracopagus, omphalopagus, and craniophagus twins, While thoracopagus twins are connected at the torso's top portion and can share one heart, omphalopagus twins are joined from the breastbone to the waist and share a liver. Craniophagus twins are connected at the head region.

If you are an identical twin do you share a bag of fluid inside the mothers womb?

That depends on the type of twins. Fraternal twins usually have separate amniotic sacs. Identical twins usually share the amniotic sac.

Do identical twins share same interest?

no.I have been researching on twins and it has been proven on other websites like and yahoo that twins share the same features but not personalitys and interests!

Why do you think identical twins were more alike than fraternal twins?

Fraternal twins share most of their genetic material, by virtue of having the same parents. Identical twins, however, by definition share 100% of their DNA. This means, for example, that identical twins cannot ever be one of each gender, as fraternal twins often are.

What percent of genes do fraternal twins share?