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If Women want a man that's a man then yes they want to be dominated, if they want an insecure boy that is whipped by them, they want passion and tenderness! By nature, physically men are stronger, they protect woman and their children, they build our houses and fight our enermy's and we should be greatful for them in providing us with such things. However in today's society we no longer need this, since we don't need phyiscal strength to work and we are entitled to the same pay as a man, there is a police force and laws against rape and other abuse we used to face. Woman finally really can wear the pants in the family and no we won't bend our backs to please men anymore, and that's in the bedroom too. And if you are going to question this answer me, why do you think men like YOUNGER woman? Respect your elders! Or what about the marriage vows: Woman repeat "thou shall love honor and OBEY" men repeat "thou shall love honor and cherish. Do I really need to say more?


"police force and laws"... didn't they have it in old time?

Look! If women want to get married with all good stuff but without the duty of sex, I don't know what kind of attitude that is??

wanting something for nothing?? good deals for men and your sons, huh?

as to security/law/Govt, aren't we forced to pay without consent or choice... and we should always pay high price for them, huh?

"same pay as men"... IF they can do the SAME job... facing danger, wars, physical strength, math&science, severe cold and heat, long hours...

"other abuse we used to face" ... such a biased phrase, a small portion representing Everybody?? Today, women hitting men in the face, that is ok! kicking men in the balls, that is ok, too!

see the double standard here??

men being tortured/dying for women over and over in history?? they will only tell you one-side story... how about men's children got taken away then men are forced to pay child support, that's not abuse, huh? People have always been abused here and there in history...

they always teach this kind of stuff in "Govt Funded Schools", so they can teach women to get their men and children out of the way, leave homes and make $$ for Govt Tax, while twice amount of people do the same jobs, wages are cut in half... they call this modern women's Liberation! Oh yeah!

"we won't bend our backs to please men anymore"... but you join the men bending backs to employers and Govt?

female movement is NEVER about love, forgiving or having fun at all, it's about equal rights, competition, keep record of wrongs, ultimately it's always fighting to be equal in power, disrespect or separation of daily lives, thus any love will die.

Free Will and Freedom of Choice without BEING LOOKED DOWN UPON

I am very thankful for this book by Laura Doyle [book name hidden from this website..., search the book name in Google, then in Wikipedia see the video "60 Minutes Australia: Under the thumb"], and for all ladies who like it, Don't ever let other people/society tell you what you should like or what you shouldn't want!!

TRUE women's FREEDOM and LIBERATION is to be able to choose her own happiness WITHOUT SOCIETY'S JUDGEMENT or BEING LOOKED DOWN UPON, which is Fear or Discrimination/Intimidation tactics that FORCE other happy women into Submissive attitude toward feminism and OBEY their Doctrine/Ideology!!!

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Q: Do the majority of women like to be dominated by men in bed?
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