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The answer to this is purely subjective since it will change from person to person. What men prefer in regards to a woman's physical appearance varies significantly from man to man. Some men love blondes, and some adore brunettes! Some are very attracted to skinny girls, while other guys love a woman with some curves!

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Q: Do teenage boys usually like blondes or brunettes and do they prefer curvy or skinny girls?
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Does Leo Howard from Kickin It prefer blondes or brunettes?

He likes brunettes better than blondes according to the fan pop web sight.

Why do men like blondes more than brunettes?

There is no evidence to say that men prefer blondes more than brunettes. It is a matter of personal preference.

Does Jordan witzigreuter prefer blondes or brunettes?

Jordan perfers brunettes he said it on a(n) interview on youtube

What do Mexicans prefer white blondes redheds or brunettes?

brown hair Holmes

Do men find redheads the sexiest women?

no men prefer blondes and brunettes

Does Batista prefer brunettes or blondes?

Batista loves blondes i mean cant you tell Batista loves blondes i mean cant you tell

Does Bradie prefer blondes or brunettes?

Bradie prefers someone that will keep him happy and loves him for him :)

Does Kevin Jonas prefer blondes or brunettes?

he siad he liked all colors on his you tube chat

Are blondes cuter then burnettes?

different people have different opinions on this subject. I, for one, prefer brunettes.

Does Liam Payne prefer blondes or brunettes?

He has mentioned multiply times that he prefers a good cheeky brunette

Does Taylor Lautner prefer blondes or brunettes?

If I were Taylor Lautner then I would prefer blondes!!!!!!!!!!!! love, are you a racist?? Discriminating against us cause we're darker.. tut tut

Which do boys prefer redheads blondes or brunettes?

Individual preferences can vary, and it is not accurate to generalize what all boys prefer based on hair color. It is important to focus on cultivating a strong connection and compatibility with a partner rather than solely focusing on physical characteristics like hair color.