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Q: Do souls leave your body when you are a sleep?
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What does death is an eternal sleep mean?

The body sleeps. The soul is in heaven or hell waiting for the resurrection. The souls in heaven will have eternal life. The souls in hell have eternal death.

Does your soul leaves your body when you sleep?

No, your soul does not leave your body when you sleep. Sleep is a natural process for the body to rest and rejuvenate, but your soul remains connected to your body during this time.

When does the soul leave the body of a dead animal?

animals don't have souls----yes they do! D: maybe a few seconds after...

Does your spirit leave the body when your sleeping?

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that the spirit leaves the body during sleep. Sleep is a natural physiological process that allows the body to rest and restore energy.

Do witches sleep?

The lighter sideSince the average human needs at least 4 - 8 hours sleep per night, then yes. Otherwise they'd be very grumpy bunnies (witches) in the morning.

What if the guy you really like just wants you for sex and he wants you to sleep with him?

you leave him! all he wants you for is your body! leave him as soon as possible!

Can souls travel through time to another body?

no the bible states that when you die the soul is conscience of nothing at all we go out like a candle and sleep in death

When was Leave Your Sleep created?

Leave Your Sleep was created on 2010-04-09.

Is the soul made through evolution?

No, souls are from a religious body. There is no way to tell that souls exist or not. I believe they do but there is no way that evolution made souls.

And now from the Vast of the Lord will the waters of sleep Roll in on the souls of men?

Sidney Lanier

Are ghosts dead?

their body's are dead but their souls are NOT

If the soul moves on to a new body why do you not remember the souls memories from the old body?

Good question, and one that calls into doubt the theory that souls move on to other bodies.