Do some men hate sex

Updated: 4/28/2022
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My boyfriend and i were having sex then he was scared so he left and yes!------- Again, that's like asking, is there an Israeli named Cletus, or are there nuns who are sheet metal workers on the side, or do football fans exist among the deaf and blind. The human condition allows for all manner of humans. Yes. Men can hate sex, or intimacy, or love, or any kind of touch. Men, despite the Hite Report, are human, too.

Human creatures are a kind of jelly roll of genes and environment, and either one -- though, I admit, usually the latter -- can have an earth-shattering effect on whether someone really likes or enjoys coupling (or intimate play or any sort, really). There's no one answer to how various individuals "got the way they got". But, yes, they exist. My guess is, they're sad folks, primarily because most of the rest of us tell them they should be. Ultimately, there is no known state of "human beingness" which is the correct form. If a person suffers fear or depression or anger issues from it, this, too, is simply Who They Are.

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Q: Do some men hate sex
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