Do rizzle kicks smoke

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes they do,on Rizzle Kicks' profile picture on twitter their holding cigarettes, hope this helps.

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Q: Do rizzle kicks smoke
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Are the rizzle kicks twins?

rizzle kicks aren't twins :D

Who is the main person in rizzle kicks?

the main person in rizzle kicks is jordan the rapper ;)

Who is in rizzle kicks family?

your family is Rizzle Kicks family so your twins but are you family it is science

Are the rizzle kicks brothers?


Who are the Rizzle Kicks?

No, they live in London without their mums)

What type of music do rizzle kicks play?

Hip hop and i lov rizzle kicks1

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What are the real names of rizzle kicks and who is who?

The_two_are_called guy

What are the band names of rizzle kicks?

Jordan and Harley

Where was Jordan from rizzle kicks born?

He was born in London)